Matcha Christmas Wreaths Cookies II Apron 抹茶圣诞圈饼干

无盐奶油 unsalted butter 50g / 4 Tbsp 糖霜 icing sugar 40g / 4 Tbsp 蛋白 egg whites 20ml 抹茶粉 matcha powder 2g / 1 tsp 低筋面粉 cake flour 90g / 8 Tbsp 白巧克力 white chocolate 50g/4Tbsp
糖渍橙皮 candied orange peel 装饰糖珠 edible sugar pearls 摄氏150 / 华氏302 烤 10-12分钟 Bake at 150°C / 302°F for 10-12 minutes


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