Why Is This Called Monkey Bread|Apron

The name for monkey bread doesn't have a clear origin but there are quite a few theories. One of the theories comes from the bread appearance. There is also a theory that the pastry is a finger food, and that people would unwrap the bread to enjoy it like monkeys :) cheers

Ingredients are here : ^^
Why Is This Called Monkey Bread|Apron

Lukewarm milk   180ml+-|3/4cup
Instant yeast   3g|1tsp
Bread flour   315g|2,1/4cup
Sugar    22g|3Tbsp
Salt   2.5g|1/2tsp
Whole egg   1 | 55g+-
Melted butter   40g|3Tbsp

Sugar    65g|1/3cup
Brown sugar   65g|1/3cup
Ground cinnamon   1Tbsp
Melted butter   40g|3Tbsp

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