Brioche Burger Buns 奶油漢堡麵包 |Apron

Brioche Burger Buns 奶油漢堡麵包 |Apron

Lukewarm milk 溫鮮奶   120ml+-

Instant yeast 即溶酵母   5g / 1/2Tbsp

Bread flour 高筋面粉   300g / 2,1/8cup

Caster sugar 细砂糖    20g / 3Tbsp

Sea salt 海鹽   2.5g / 1/2tsp

Whole egg 全蛋   1(55g+- per egg)

Unsalted butter 無鹽奶油   30g / 1/8cup

sesame seeds as needed 芝麻適量

Bake at 200°C / 390°F  for 10-13 minutes

摄氏200 / 华氏390  烘烤 10-13分钟

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