Oreo Ogura Cake

square mold 23cm x 4cm 方模 蛋黄 egg yolk 5 全蛋 egg 1 牛奶 milk 60g/4Tbsp 植物油 vegetable oil 50g/4Tbsp 盐 salt 1/4tsp 低筋面粉 cake flour 70g/6Tbsp 蛋白 egg whites 5 塔塔粉 cream of tartar 1/2tsp 糖 sugar 75g/10Tbsp 奥利奥饼干碎 oreo cookies crumbs 40g/6pcs 150c Steam Bake 60-70minute 150摄氏 蒸烘烤 60-70分钟

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